Computed Tomography

Computed Tomography


The CT Center at Tokyo Medical Center is equipped with the state of the art multi-slice CT and 3D image constructing work station to facilitate and share the level of understanding of your pet’s condition (disease) between you and the veterinarian.
Our CT machine enables imaging at a much faster speed compared to traditional CTs minimizing radiation exposure, thus it is a safer procedure. In addition, the high resolution and wider span images are reconstructed by the 3D work station, which will allow clear and accurate assessment of body organs up to the very small structures from multiple planes, angles and magnifications.
Numerous disorders involving the head, such as hydrocephalus, brain tumors, injuries associated with traffic accidents, as well as intervertebral disk diseases, thoracic and abdominal disorders, early tumor growths that cannot be seen on conventional radiography can be visualized by CT testing. CT imaging can be conducted with or without the use of contrast agents. Contrast enhanced images are obtained by injection of contrast agents into the veins, to yield greater information from the images.
Testing is safely and efficiently conducted by experienced veterinarians and veterinary nurses with the use of gas anesthesia, respirators and other monitoring equipment. We anesthetize over 1200 cases yearly. We feel this to be objective data that will hopefully reassure our clients of our capability for safe and secure anesthesia.
Our CT Center operates around the clock 365 days, and services are also widely offered to other practices and veterinarians.

Animal Disorders Seen on CT

Comparison to Conventional Radiography


A CT scan has a tenfold accuracy of diagnosis compared to conventional radiography. For example, take a look at this case with metastatic lung cancer.
The left image is this patient’s chest radiograph, the middle is his chest (lung) on CT, and the right is a CT lung image of a normal patient.
This shows that CT revealed lesions of metastatic lung cancer (various sized lumps) which is far more progressed that what is visible on conventional radiography.

1.Hydrocephalus2.Intervertebral Disk Disease
3.Fracture/Luxation4.Abdominal Mass Lesion

For Animal Hospitals Interested in Our CT Service

Our CT Center operates around the clock, 365 days to offer a diagnostic tool for your patients.
To make a reservation, please supply us with the patient data including past histories, current histories and chief complaints, together with blood test results for general anesthesia and monitoring. If there is a specific site you wish to have scanned, please let us know beforehand. Please note that if there is no blood test data or specific areas of concern, necessary tests will be conducted at the center prior to the CT procedure.
Requests for tissue biopsies (or CSF taps, endoscopy, dental procedures) under general anesthesia are also welcome. Please let us know if there is need for consecutive surgical treatment immediately following CT.
(For more information, please call us at 03-5420-0012. Advance reservation only.)

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