Q Do you see animals other than dogs and cats?
A Apart from dogs and cats, we also see all sorts of animals such as birds, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, prairie dogs, guinea pigs, tortoises, squirrels, fennecs.
“From little birds to elephants” have been our hospital’s motto since our founding approximately 50 years ago. Dr. Gen Kato, hospital owner/director, started his veterinary career at Kobe Zoo, where he gained many valuable experiences living together with a wide variety of animals.

Q Do I need an appointment for my pet to be seen?
A Daktari Animal Hospital has an appointment only policy for all of our hospitals, but in urgent cases, please do not hesitate to call so we can be of help at your arrival.

Q What should I do if my pet becomes suddenly ill?
A Tokyo Medical Center is open 24-7 to accept emergency cases. Client and patient information of Yoyogi, and Kugayama are shared amongst all hospitals via our electrical record system, enabling quick and appropriate care to all our clients. (There is an additional fee for after-hour visits)

Q Do you accept credit cards?
A Yes, we accept various credit cards, but there are differences among our hospitals. Please call us for more information.

Q Do you have grooming services?
A Yes. We consider grooming to be a part of treatment, and ask for all patients to have a veterinary check-up at their initial grooming visit. For healthy animals, if the visit is within 3 months of the last veterinary check-up, independent grooming is available at Tokyo Medical Center.

Q Do you do pet boarding services?
A Yes. We ask for a veterinary consult to be scheduled at the time of admission to enable better health care during the stay.

Q Do you accept pet insurance?
A Yes. Anicom Pet Insurance processes can be promptly conducted at the front desk. Filling in of paperwork for other pet insurances is also available.

Q Do you have behavioral training services?
A Yes. Our “Happy Dog Program” serves to support your dog’s training. Puppy parties and various behavioral consultations are also available. For more information on the program, please refer to the page below.

→ Learn More on Behavioral Training

Q Do you have parking?
A Yes. Our parking information is as follows;
Tokyo Medical Center : 4 spaces
Ticketed public parking spaces are available (Mon – Sat 9AM – 7PM) along both sides of Platinum Street. The spaces become free of charge outside the above operating hours and on Sundays and public holidays. There are also many parking lots nearby.
Yoyogi: 2 spaces
Kugayama: 4 spaces

Q I am a non-Japanese speaker.
A English speaking staff are available at the Tokyo Medical Center.

Q Must I wait long?
A All of our hospitals have appointment only policies to minimize the stress of waiting on our unwell patients. Additionally, equipped with an automated medical prescribing system and electronic records, Tokyo Medical Center aims for further improvement in time efficiency.

Q Can I ask for second opinions?
A Yes. Please let us know your request so that we may be of assistance.

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